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15 Best Work From Home Podcasts You Must Follow in 2022

If you’re in touch with your company’s head of culture or HR lead, propose a company-wide talent show that can be scheduled over Zoom. Start a joke-of-the-day or video-of-the-week email chain or channel. Start a Slack or Teams channel for milestones in employees’ lives, like engagements, weddings, babies and accomplishments. Put time on the calendar for having lunch over video with a coworker who used to be your lunch buddy, or, grab some time with a colleague across the country, or across the ocean. Trello is a cool tool that makes to-do lists and progress kind of fun again , for distributed teams.

remote work podcasts to check out if you wfh

Last week, it was reported that Spotify’s “Work from Anywhere” policy led to a huge drop in employee turnover. It’s not in anyone’s best interest to work from home, and corporate leaders should be telling their employees to get back into the office so they can “feel part of something,” according to writer Malcolm Gladwell. Establish an environment of psychological safety where people feel heard and acknowledged versus fearing they will be retaliated against. Establishing psychological safety and cognitive and emotional trust allows people to give candid feedback, openly admit mistakes, and actively learn from each other. New study revealedthat video meetings are actually less collaborative than phone meetings. Working remotely doesn’t mean you have to schedule every interaction with another team member, it just means you have to change how you engage one another. David Stoddard shares how they are designing a new way of working at Barnett Waddingham and transitioning to a hybrid workplace.

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With the latest cutting-edge techniques and the best teachers, their learning platform helps you achieve personal transformation in relationships, health, mindset, and well-being. Some of their top categories include Mind, Body, Soul, Entrepreneurship, Career, Parenting, and more. While working remotely may possibly eat away the time kept aside for your breaks, and it could become a routine and lead to having minimum or no downtime to unwind. As one of the remote work podcast best podcasts for working from home; The Mindvalley Podcast contains a curriculum that is designed by renowned experts to unleash your mind and body’s potential to the fullest. Due to a lack of physical movement while working remotely, people could feel lethargic and dull, leading to procrastination and being unproductive. Jesse Chappus and Marni Wasserman from The Ultimate Health Podcast interview world-class experts in the health and wellness community.

April and her guests discuss how they started working from a home office, some of the challenges they’ve faced, benefits, and tips and tricks that might help others. Interview guests will talk about why and how they work from home, what they do, who they help, and how they balance work with household responsibilities. They’ll also talk about how they manage staying connected with colleagues, clients, and work to maintain healthy habits and a social life. Listeners will be informed about upcoming WFH community events and hear about helpful physical products, digital tools, and services that April and her guests feel are worth recommending. Jevin, the podcast host of Building Remote Teams, shares his experiences and pieces of advice on how to deal with hybrid and remote work models, and ways to stay focused while working virtually. Nothing quite beats listening to a podcast on your morning walk or mid-afternoon break. Getting more work done and staying productive while you’re at it can be incredibly difficult when you’re working remotely—if you can find the time to listen to podcasts at all.

WLP300 A 3-Part Celebration: Changes in Remote Work and In Our Lives

This podcast was produced within the project “Transatlantic expert group on the future of work“, with the financial support of the European Union. Its contents are the sole responsibility of Bruegel AISBL and The German Marshall Fund of the United States and do not necessarily reflect the views of the European Union. Listen to the full interviews from episode 300 in this new podcast, Work Life Changes & Remote Work in Organisations. In this What’s Going On episode, Maya and Pilar cover a small set of articles all related to the growing danger of presenteeism at work.

  • Daily insights from a self-employed, work at home dad, blending together parenting, business, and life along with all of the organization and life hacking it takes to make it work.
  • You’ll want to post a poll of books where people can vote on them.
  • The last cool way I like to feel productive and engaged while also seeing friends’ faces is practicing Spanish with friends in Argentina.
  • They have also increased participant caps on meetings, which has been critical for company-wide events.
  • Anyone can virtually “drop in” and learn about this specialty or skill, with a Q+A session at the end.
  • In it, they went over policies on why we’re doing certain procedures and what expectations should be moving forward.

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